“…self-motivated, talented, and balanced team player.”
– Dan Kurani, Kurani Interactive

Mannington Mills

Mannington Mills is a commercial and residential flooring manufacturer. They have solicited my flash development services on numerous occasions.


Adobe Flash / ActionScript 3.0 / HTML5 / CSS3


Mannington approached me to build an HTML5 feature for their Adura® line of vinyl flooring.

Earthly Elements

I was responsible for building a Flash presentation for presenting Mannington's Earthly Elements hardwood flooring.

This project was made up of several smaller slideshows/galleries that are loaded into the primary Flash file at runtime. Each slideshow has different transitions/animations. The "flip book" contains a pageflip component that presents flooring patterns/ideas in a realistic magazine style layout.


For Mannington's Cairo line of porcelain tile, they asked me to create a marketing piece to showcase the tile. I used Flash and AS3 to build a carousel/slideshow that showcases the beauty of the tile and its connection with the past.