“…self-motivated, talented, and balanced team player.”
– Dan Kurani, Kurani Interactive


While freelancing, I continued to work with Kurani Interactive. This project was part of a website redesign they were doing for Envictus in .


Adobe Flash / ActionScript 3.0

Survey & Quiz

As part of this project, I built a Flash survey and quiz completely from scratch. Everything was designed specifically for this project and built entirely by myself including checkboxes / radio buttons / dropdowns / buttons / progress bars. The questions and answers are pulled from an XML file and, upon completion, the results of the quiz are POSTed to a URL specified in the configuration.

Home Page Slideshow

This is just a simple slideshow built in Flash with AS3. The first slide has an animation that is dynamically generated from an XML file.

Campaign For 1 Million

This animation was built to be the centerpiece of the Envictus home page. The animation uses the Swift3D library for AS3. To keep the download size to a minimum, I used only 2 images. I used an XML file to markup the rectangles' positions/dimensions and then used Flash's excellent support for manipulating bitmap data to split up each image into many smaller images to be used as the faces of the 3D cubes in the animation.