“…self-motivated, talented, and balanced team player.”
– Dan Kurani, Kurani Interactive


MyLeadConverter is a lead management system (with just a pinch of CRM). It's a tool designed to help businesses manage their sales pipeline and make sense of things like ROI.

I was tasked with building this application from beginning to end. The application is built with Scala and the Lift Framework. It makes use of many 3rd party APIs for things like phone call routing/recording, phone number allocation, email campaign analytics, appointment mapping and recurring billing.


Scala + Lift / *PHP / *Wordpress / SASS + Compass / jQuery
*MyLeadConverter API client libraries/plugins.

Phone Number Allocation (screenshot)

Phone Number Allocation

From this page, a user can allocate a new phone number for a lead source (Google, Facebook, Corporate Website, etc.). This page interacts with the Twilio API to purchase new phone numbers and setup call routing rules.

Twilio's API was a pleasure to work with for both allocating new numbers and routing calls via TwiML.

Phone Call Detail (screenshot)

Phone Call Detail

After a phone call is completed, users can see the call's details and even play back a recording of the conversation.

Rich dialog boxes are a common interface component of MyLeadConverter. I used Lift's excellent client-server communication methods to build dialog boxes that contain AJAX forms.

Set Appointment (screenshot)

Set Appointment

Just click and drag in the time table to select the start/end time. An email with the appointment date/time and location is automatically sent to the lead after an appointment is saved. This email also includes links to add the appointment to hosted calendars like Google and Yahoo.

A calendar page gives users a place to view upcoming appointments by doy/week/month. In addition to the calendar web view, users are given a calendar feed that will work with Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone and other calendar applications that support the iCalendar format.

Appointment Directions (screenshot)

Appointment Directions

When an appointment is on-site (at the lead's location), a user may need to map the location for driving directions. We tapped Google's excellent Maps API for getting driving directions to an appointment.

Send Email (screenshot)

Send Email

Sending email is a vital part of "closing the deal". MyLeadConverter brings email to the forefront of communications and delivers click/open analytics for users to evaluate their email marketing.