“…self-motivated, talented, and balanced team player.”
– Dan Kurani, Kurani Interactive

Perennial Homes

Perennial Homes builds exquisite homes in New Jersey. Desperately needing a new website, they turned to Kurani Interactive for assistance. I was called in to take on this project from start to finish.


Adobe Flash / ActionScript 3.0 / HTML / CSS / PHP / jQuery


This website was not a simple proposition. The design called for a fullscreen Flash site but it needed to be accessible and entirely index-able. This called for something special. I decided to use something often referred to as hijax. Essentially, the PHP backend would output HTML based on whether it was being requested via AJAX/Flash or directly be the browser.

The Flash portion of the site is many smaller Flash files (lazily loaded only when needed). The gallery is a custom UI built on top of SlideShowPro.