“…self-motivated, talented, and balanced team player.”
– Dan Kurani, Kurani Interactive

Book Of Odds

Book Of Odds is a website that compiles odds/statistics on some very interesting subjects. They brought in Kurani Interactive to build a CMS driven website. Kurani, in turn, asked me to develop several key data-driven Flash pieces for the website.


Adobe Flash / ActionScript 3.0


Designed by Kurani Interactive. I built this Flash piece to be completely dynamic (XML generated from CMS). The entirety of the piece is built on the fly based on the number of statements that are to be displayed. Each statement links out to its page on the Book Of Odds website.

Visual Browse

This Flash piece was built with the help of the Flare AS3 data visualization library. We settled on the radial tree layout for displaying the relationships between different keywords in odds statements. Each keyword node, when clicked, transitions the visualization to a new tree with the clicked keyword at the center. This allows for easy navigation between related keywords and gives a great visual representation of a keyword's relationships.


I built this Flash banner in 3 different sizes. The odds statements are pulled from an XML file that is generated by the CMS.